Completed Projects (selection)

EEA Scholarship Programme Slovakia (EEA Grants)
EEA Scholarship programme Slovakia, funded by the EEA Grants and state budget of the Slovak Republic, is unique tool to increase higher education student and staff mobility, as well as strengthen inter-institutional cooperation between higher education institutions and institutions on upper secondary level in Slovakia as Beneficiary State on one hand and Donor States - Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein on the other hand.

Sciex - Swiss-Slovak Scholarship Fund
Sciex-NMSch (Swiss Slovak Scholarship Fund) seeks to reduce economic and social disparities within the enlarged European Union. It is financed through the Swiss-Slovak Cooperation Programme in the enlarged European Union. The Programme provides fellowships for research projects in all academic disciplines, in which two researchers or departments from Switzerland and Slovakia wish to collaborate and have the required expertise and qualified human resources. In Slovakia, the Programme is implemented in the period 2010 – 2016; SAIA serves as its Coordination Unit, based on the agreement with the Office of the Government of SR. In the past three calls (2010 – 2012) 27 fellowships of Slovak PhD students and postdocs were approved.