Further implemented projects

SAIA, n. o. applies for funding under various schemes as part of its activities and it is currently involved in the following projects:

EURAXESS TOPIV (Horizon 2020)  - the project aimed at strengthening the activities of the European EURAXESS network and internal cooperation. The project lasts from 2018 to 2021;

CARLiS - Careers in Life Sciences (Interreg V-A Slovakia - Austria)  - the project aimed at improving doctoral education in life sciences, better cooperation between academia and the private sector, based on knowledge of employers' needs and identified "missing elements "in the education of doctoral students - the creation of training and the strengthening of institutional capacity to provide cross - sectoral career training to assist doctoral students in preparing for future work outside academia. The project lasts from 2020 to 2022;

Discovery Learning (Horizon 2020) - this project focused on further education of doctoral students with regard to open science and innovation, testing of practically focused trainings for doctoral students and verification of methodology. The project lasts from 2020 to 2022;

Uniwelis - Supporting internationalisation of HE through professionalising services for mobile academic staff (Erasmus+) - the project aims to improve services for incoming foreign doctoral students and academics by creating a strategic framework of model support services for foreign academics, including an online application, collecting examples of good practice, and training for administrative and management staff. The project lasts from 2020 to 2023.