Frequently asked questions


Q: Due to the coronavirus outbreak and travel restrictions I contacted my host institution and we agreed to postpone the awarded CEEPUS mobility to the period when the situation gets back to normal. Is it OK?

Yes, it is okay. The postponement is now possible in the CEEPUS system without already knowing the exact dates of your stay. Please when you wish to postpone your CEEPUS stay, let us know by e-mail and we will postpone it in the system for you. Once the situation gets better and you agree with the host institution on the new dates of your stay, let us know by e-mail (please put the CEEPUS coordinator in Slovakia in the cc of the e-mail) and we will move the dates for you in the system. 

Q: Is it possible to carry out my CEEPUS stay on-line?

It is possible to carry out your stay on-line depending on your agreement with the host institution. However, in Slovakia we are not able to pay out the CEEPUS scholarship if you carry out your stay on-line from your home country - in such case the mobility has to run with the so-called zero grant. If you carry out your stay on-line, but you are physically present in Slovakia, in such case we will pay out the full CEEPUS scholarship. 

National Scholarship Programme

Q: Measures for preventing the- COVID-19 outbreak led to some drawback in the starting date of my research stay within NSP (NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME). The hosting institution has asked me to postpone my starting date by 1 month. As a result, my total duration of research will be reduced. Is there any possibility to extend my stay?

Unfortunately, extension of NSP scholarship stay is not possible at this moment and thus, your scholarship stay will be shortened by shifting the date of its beginning. However, we are trying to work out some solutions. If the situation changes, we will inform you, but until that moment, we must abide by the programme terms and conditions agreed between SAIA, n. o. and the Ministry of Education, Science and Development and Sport of the Slovak Republic.

Q: I´m a NSP (NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME) scholarship holder. I came to Slovakia in February and now I am conducting my research on home office regimen. Recently I have received my residency card and I took the medical examinations. Since your office is closed, how can I provide you with my account bank number and the receipt of lab tests for my scholarship?

The solution is simple, there are two options: either you throw your docs into a mailbox on our entrance door (in envelope with stated addressee and sender), or you send your docs via post to our address.

Q: I am a NSP (NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME) fellowship holder (from February to May) and a guest researcher at a Slovak research institution. Last week we were supposed to work from home office and offices remain closed until the end of April. The situation with the corona epidemic in my home country is even worse than here in Slovakia and borders are closed in the upcoming 4-6 weeks. Therefore, I am stuck here in Bratislava and have to follow all the instructions of your government. My question is: What is going to happen with my fellowship as of April, since it is supposed to be my last one?

Please, check the full information: Foreign scholarship holders coming to Slovakia 

Q: Considering the severe epidemiological situation due to the pandemic COVID-19 and impossibility to start with full-scale implementation of the scholarship stay tasks on proposed date, I´m turning to you with a request to postpone my scholarship stay, if there is such possibility. What steps have to be done?

Postponement is possible in relevant cases.

Contact your host institution and agree with them on new dates of stay, whether it’s possible to shift the dates of your stay and if it is possible to realize your programme of stay in the new proposed period. We will need an updated admission/invitation letter from your host institution. In the invitation letter it should be stated, that it is an updated document adjusting the previous one, statement about the postponement and new dates of stay. The updated admission/invitation letter has to be delivered to SAIA in Bratislava.

You will be required to send a signed request, where you explain the reasons why you are requesting postponement. The request can be sent by e-mail to the programme administrator as a scan copy.

We will assess the submitted documentation and we will issue new, updated scholarship documents, which will be sent to you via registered post (if possible) approx. 90 days prior to the new date of beginning of your scholarship stay, as the documents are valid for 90 days and they should be valid until your journey to Slovakia.

Please note, that the scholarship stay must commence not later than April 1, 2021 (category A*) or August 31, 2021 (categories B and C**) and be completed not later than August 31, 2021 (category A*) or November 30, 2021 (categories B and C**).

*category A – university students
**categories B and C – PhD students, university teachers/researchers/artists

Q: In light of the worsening pandemic situation and measures connected to it, I think it makes the most sense to cancel the semester abroad during this summer semester with a heavy heart. The decision was really hard for me and took me a few days. But I think it's the right one. It wouldn't feel right for me to accept your scholarship and then just sit in room for nearly the whole stay. It is quite unclear how this situation will develop. Maybe it will be possible for me to try again in the winter semester.

To officially cancel your scholarship stay, please send as a signed request for cancellation of your scholarship stay, where you shortly explain the reasons for cancellation.

If you would like to reapply, please take into consideration the conditions of the programme as follows:

"If the applicant is reapplying for a scholarship because his/her previous stay supported by the scholarship was substantially influenced by extraordinary circumstances caused by force majeure (e.g. due to force majeure the stay had to be terminated earlier, or the stay was completed, but the planned programme could not be fully implemented e.g. due to the closure of the institutions as a preventive measure, or the stay could not be conducted at all and for that reason the applicant cancelled the scholarship which had been awarded to him/her) and he/she wishes to continue or resume the approved stay, he/she is required to indicate all facts and extraordinary circumstances explicitly in his/her application.

In order to take the extraordinary circumstances during the selection process into account, the applicant is required to describe and explain these circumstances in detail in the application (e.g. in a separate document attached, etc.) and the administrator will assess their possible impact during the formal evaluation of the applications for the purposes of the selection process."

Note: in case you began the scholarship stay and you want to cancel your scholarship stay prematurely, we will also need all documents necessary to completion of scholarship stay (final report, confirmation on completion).