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Admission and tuition fees

Admission and the course of study is autonomous resposibility of the respective higher education institution (HEI), therefore only a HEI can give more detailed information in this matter. However, some of the processes and common regulations apply to all of the HEIs in Slovakia.

General Principles

The principal requirement for entering a bachelor's degree programme (3 – 4 years of full-time study) or a programme combining 1st and 2nd level (5 – 6 years of full-time study) is the full completion of secondary general education or vocational education with a "maturita" – school leaving examination. Admission to a follow-up master's degree programme (2 – 3 years of full-time study) depends on the completion of a relevant bachelor's degree programme or its equivalent. Admission to doctoral (PhD) studies depends on the successful completion of the 2nd level degree study programme.

Students, who would like to enroll in a full study programme, should apply directly at the respective HEI. Students may apply for several study programmes at various HEIs and faculties. Deadline for submitting applications is set by each HEI; usually, it is the end of February or March. Date, content and form (oral or written examination, aptitude test) of the admission process are decided upon by the respective faculty or HEI. Entrance examinations are usually held between June and September. Examinations at art HEIs take place earlier (in January) and the deadline for submitting applications is usually the end of November.

Admission of International Students

Admission requirements for international students are, in general, the same as for Slovak nationals. In justified cases, the academic senate of the respective faculty/HEI may appropriately adapt them if a proposal is submitted by the dean/rector. International Baccalaureate holders meet general requirements for admission to HEIs in Slovakia.

For the admission process, documents of your previous education must be recognised by the Slovak Republic - for detailed information about recognition of diplomas and previous education for the academic purposes, please see the website of the Centre for Recognition of Diplomas at the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. You can also find more information about recognition in one of our 2 publications (International Students' Guide to Slovakia or Study in Slovakia - Study Programmes Offered in Foreign Languages) which can be downloaded as a PDF file from the section "Publications".

International applicants, who do not meet all the requirements for admission, may be required to attend preparatory courses, including Slovak language courses (in case they want to study a programme offered in Slovak language). For more information about language/preparatory courses see section "Learning Slovak language".

Every faculty/HEI determines its own criteria for students' admission. Students should ask for information and apply for admission at the faculty of their choice. For more information about Slovak and English study programmes see section "Study Programmes offered in Slovakia".

Slovak HEIs typically request applicants to pay admission proceedings fees to cover the administration of applications – the amount is set by the respective HEI/faculty and it can change every year, therefore, please, consult the website of the HEI/faculty of your choice.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for study programmes offered in foreign languages are set by each HEI/faculty separately. Fees vary from 490 € to 12,200 € per one academic year. Updated information on tuition fees can be obtained from international relations offices of the respective HEIs/faculties.

However, students studying full time in Slovakia without exceeding the standard length of study do not pay tuition fees, if they study a programme offered in Slovak language.

Tuition fees and study related fees for students studying under international agreements shall comply with the provisions of these agreements. The provisions are not applicable to international students with permanent residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic.