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Higher education institutions (universities) in Slovakia

Higher education institutions (HEIs) in Slovakia are third-level education, scientific and art institutions. The major task of HEIs is to provide higher education and creative scientific research or creative artistic activity.



Based on founding and funding there are 3 types of HEIs:

  • Public higher education institutions are established by law. They are funded mostly by the government. They are statutory and self-governing institutions. At present, there are 20 public HEIs in Slovakia, comprising of 9 more or less traditional universities, 5 universities of technology, 3 HEIs of art and music, 1 university of economics, 1 university of veterinary medicine and pharmacy and 1 university of agriculture.
  • State higher education institutions (3 HEIs) are military, police and medical schools. They are established by law and governed by the state through the respective ministries of the government. The state HEIs are fully funded from the state budget.
  • Private higher education institutions (11 HEIs) need a state approval issued by the Government of the Slovak Republic. They are established and funded by non governmental institutions or founders. Most of the private HEIs provide education in the fields of economics, business, management, public administration, law, international relations, regional development, medical and social work.

HEIs can be divided into organisational units, i.e. faculties ("fakulta"; a self-governing unit with a higher level of autonomy), institutes ("ústav"; governed by the respective HEI or faculty, mostly comprising of more departments) and departments ("katedra").

In accordance with the law of their country of origin, also foreign HEIs established and situated in the territory of another member state of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland may provide higher education in the territory of Slovakia, once they have been granted official approval by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.

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