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Other practical information

Slovakia in general

If you are interested in general information about Slovakia and life in Slovakia, there are several possibilities, where to look:

Grants and Scholarships

For those, who are looking for grants and scholarships for their study in Slovakia (may it be full study or just a mobility), we have collected the information about possible granting/scholarship schemes and put it in a searchable database, that can be found at www.grants.saia.sk.

Visa, Residence and Working while Studying

Administrative processes regarding the entry and residence on the territory of the Slovak Republic can be complicated. Therefore we prepared an easy tool to give you a better overview, if you want to study or do research in Slovakia - our navigation will guide you step by step through targeted questions to the answers you will need:

  • on-line navigation (Q&A based guide)
  • the same guide can be downloaded as a PDF publication "Entry, stay and employment in Slovakia - guide to administrative duties" from the section "Publications".

More information resources: