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Study programmes offered in Slovakia

Slovak higher education institutions (HEIs) can offer only accredited study programmes. The teaching language is Slovak in general, but HEIs also offer study programmes in other languages (mostly in English, but sometimes also in Hungarian, French, German or Russian).

Students studying a programme offered fully in a foreign language (i.e., other than Slovak language) are required to pay tuition fees. Such fees are set by each HEI/faculty separately and can vary from 490 € to 12,200 € per one academic year. Updated information on tuition fees can be obtained from international relations offices of the respective HEIs/faculties.

However, students studying full time in Slovakia without exceeding the standard length of study do not pay tuition fees, if they study a programme offered in Slovak language.

Where to find a study programme?

The most up-to-date information on study programmes is available on the websites or at the international offices of the respective HEIs (or their faculties). For the list of HEIs and their websites see the section "Higher Education institutions (universities)".

A searchable database of study programmes is available at: https://www.portalvs.sk/en/

If you are looking specifically for study programmes offered in foreign languages (i.e. other than Slovak), download the publication "Study in Slovakia: Study Programmes Offered in Foreign Languages" from the section "Publications".


The following map allows you to see what fields of study can be studied in which city. Only academic fields within which an accredited full-time study programme is offered are listed (bachelor, master and doctoral level). The information was obtained at the www.portalvs.sk as of January 2019 (for the most recent information and detailed information see the respective portal).

For a better overview open the map in full mode and scroll the map legend.