SAIA, n.o.

2% of income tax for SAIA

Requesting your kind attention, SAIA, n. o., seeks your support by assigning 2% of your income tax (in 2015) (3% if you are a volunteer; or 1% if you are legal person) to our NGO and thus help us to expand our activities.

SAIA, n. o. (Slovak Academic Information Agency) is a non-governmental non-profit organisation implementing programmes and providing services aimed at the enhancement of civil society, and assisting in internationalisation of education and research in Slovakia since 1990. Based on the agreement with the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, but also by means of other programmes financed by home and foreign resources, SAIA enables hundreds of university students, PhD students, university teachers and researchers to take part in study, research and teaching mobilities abroad. At the same time we exert efforts to make the Slovak academic and research area more attractive for interested people from foreign countries. Another, not less important activity of SAIA, in co-operation with other organisations and institutions, is to search solutions for overcoming obstacles connected with mobility of students and researchers (issues of university legislation, taxes, social security, health insurance etc.)

Also this year we would like to realise various activities leading to raising awareness of international cooperation, to increased informedness of this cooperation in the field of education and science and to enhancement of our services. Seeing that our grant resources are mostly bound to particular projects, we have to look for other means in order to finance activities, which are not included in the framework of existing projects.

With the aid of your contribution we would like to achieve especially these objectives:
- innovation of public on-line tools (database of scholarships and grants for Slovak and foreign clients, on-line guide to administrative duties for foreigners coming to Slovakia
- exchange of experience and information at international level with the aim to improve our services
- refinement of our internal processes and enhancement of work in the offices in Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, Košice, Nitra and Žilina.

If you decide to donate your 2 (3 or 1) % of your income tax to our organisation, these are the details you will need to fill in the form:

• Name of the organization: SAIA, n. o.
• Address: Sasinkova 10, 812 20 Bratislava 1
• CRN: 31821596
• Legal form: not-profit organization

Last modified: 2016-02-17