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Frequently asked questions

Q: Due to the corona outbreak and travel restrictions I contacted my host institution and we agreed to postpone the awarded CEEPUS mobility to the period when the situation get back to normal. Is it OK?

Taking into account the current situation, we just have to wait when it will get better and see for when the postponement will be possible. According to the rules, the postponement is possible until 31 August 2020. However, we will have to get in touch in May to see if the situation is already better.

If you want to come in september 2020 or later, it will already be a new academic year 2020/2021 which means you will have to submit a new application once the CEEPUS system opens for new applications for 20/21.


Q: Preventive measures for restricting the outbreak of Covid-19 led some drawback in my starting date of the research stay within NŠP (NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME). The hosting institution has asked me to postpone my starting date 1 month later. Due to this my total duration of research will be reduced. Is there any possibility to extend my stay?

Unfortunately, extension of the NŠP scholarship stay is not realizable at this moment and thus, your scholarship stay will be shortened by shifting the date of its beginning. However, we are trying to find some solutions. If something will be changed, we will inform you, but until that moment, we must abide programme terms and conditions agreed between SAIA, n. o. and the Ministry of Education, Science and Development and Sport of the Slovak Republic.


Q: I´m a scholarship holder of the NŠP (NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME). I came to Slovakia in February and now I am in home office conducting research. Recently I have received my residency card and I took the medical examinations. Since your office is closed, how can I provide you with my account bank number and the receipt of lab tests for my scholarship?

The solution is simple, there are two options: either you throw your docs into a mailbox on our entrance door (in envelope with stated addressee and sender), or you send your docs via post to our address.


Q: I am a NŠP (NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME) fellowship holder (from February to May) and a guest researcher at a slovak research institution. Last week we were supposed to work home office and officess remain closed til the end of April. The situation with the corona epidemic in my home country is even worse than here in Slovakia and borders are closed in the upcoming 4-6 weeks. Therefore, I am stuck here in Bratislava and have to follow all the instructions of your government. My question is: What is going to be with my fellowship for April, since it is supposed to be my last one?

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Last modified: 2020-03-25