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Akcia Rakúsko-Slovensko – FAQ

V prípade otázok týkajúcich sa štipendijných pobytov v rámci programu Akcia Rakúsko-Slovensko sa, prosím, obráťte na OeAD.

V prípade otázok týkajúcich sa ochorenia Covid-19 v Rakúsku kontaktujte infolinku vytvorenú Ministerstvom vnútra Rakúskej republiky. Tel. č.: 0800 555 621 (linka funguje nepretržite). 

Aktuálne informácie môžete nájsť na stránkach:

Všeobecné informácie a odporúčania:

Ak sa nachádzate v Rakúsku a objavili sa u Vás príznaky ako horúčka, kašeľ či sťažené dýchanie, zostaňte doma a kontaktujte lekársku pohotovostnú službu na čísle 1450 pre ďalší postup a diagnostiku.


Všeobecná informácia (ku dňu 18. marec 2020), ktorú OeAD poskytlo SAIA, n. o. pre štipendistov Akcie Rakúsko Slovensko: 


● Dear grantholder,

due to the current corona virus situation in Austria please carefully read the following information
regarding your scholarship:

*) if you decide to continue your stay here: scholarship will be transferred as usual even if there is
only limited or no service at the universities. The monthly report for your April scholarship can
exceptionally be done via Email or telephone.
*) if March is the last month of your stay: under the condition, that your scholarship report is already
uploaded in our system, the last scholarship instalment can be paid already from 13th of March
*) in case of longer stays if you decide to interrupt resp. suspend your scholarship:
- an absence from Austria until April 16th can be accepted. In that case you can keep your March
scholarship and will also receive the complete rate for April.
- if you will not return to Austria in April: a postponement of the remaining scholarship months
until latest October 2020 is generally possible. We would need the written consent of your
academic supervisor for the deferred scholarship period.

Please discuss with your supervisor, what is recommended in your case and inform us accordingly.
*) if you should or are planning to start your scholarship in Austria with April: Your stay can be taken
up as planned by April 16th, 2020 at the latest while receiving the complete scholarship instalment. It
would also be possible to postpone your scholarship until October 2020 at the latest. Please discuss
with your supervisor if a postponement is possible. In this case we will need a new letter of
endorsement from him/ her.

Should you decide to cancel your scholarship stay and have an upright housing contract, please
inform also your landlord.

General information:

Please stay in touch with us and inform us about any change concerning your stay in Austria.

From next week on the OeAD Regional Offices will suspend their official opening hours, but you can
reach us by phone or Email. For emergency cases it is possible to fix an appointment.

These rules will apply until further notice.
Please follow the preventive recommendations (see next page).
Thank you for your cooperation!

Let’s hope that the situation will improve soon and everyone can get back to normal life.

● Dear grantholder,
as this is a subject of great interest worldwide we want to give you an overview about the situation
concerning SARS-CoV-2 in our country:

At present there are no travel warnings for Austria.

Generally it is recommended, that people follow the preventive recommendations of the Austrian
Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection:
* wash your hands frequently with soap and water and use disinfectants
* do not shake hands and avoid hugs
* maintain a minimum distance (approx. 1-2 meters)
* use correct cough etiquette:

- Cover your mouth and nose every time you cough or sneeze with a disposable tissue if
- If a cough or sneeze sneaks up on you and no tissue is available, cough or sneeze into your
upper sleeve.

These measures apply also during the influenza season.

Should you develop symptoms such as fever, coughing and/or breathing difficulties, please act as
stay at home and contact the telephone health advice service (phone number: 1450) for further
action (diagnostic clarification).

For general questions about coronavirus, the Austrian Ministry of the Interior has set up a free
hotline: 0800 555 621 (7 days a week, 0 to 24 hours)

Current information can also be found here:

As our office is frequented by many international guests, we kindly ask you to comply with the
recommendations of local health authorities, as well as to follow hygiene and disease prevention
advice published by the WHO:

Please be aware that due to the specific situation people in Austria can behave more detached than
usual. In case you need advice or help, do not hesitate to contact your OeAD Regional Office.
We wish you a successful stay and have a great time in Austria!
Your OeAD Regional Office Team

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