SAIA, n. o. Governance

Board of Directors

Board of Directors of SAIA, n. o. is a collective body performing conceptual, decision-making and oversight functions. Its members take the position for a term of three years. The Board of Directors meets as necessary with at least one meeting in six months. The Board of Directors appoints and removes members of the SAIA Executive Committee.

Members of the Board of Directors

prof. Ing. Robert REDHAMMER PhD.,
Chairman of the Board

Chair of the Executive Board of the Slovak Accreditation Agency for Higher Education

Ing. Stanislav ČEKOVSKÝ,
Deputy Chairman of the Board

Executive Director (CEO) of ANASOFT APR Ltd., Bratislava

prof. PhDr. Alexandra BITUŠÍKOVÁ, CSc.

University Teacher and Director of University Centre for International Projects at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica

Renáta HALL, PhD.

Higher Education expert, advisor to the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic

Michaela KRŠKOVÁ, M.A.

Chief Innovation Officer at the Government Office of the Slovak Republic

doc. Mgr. Boris MATTOŠ, PhD.

Vice-Rector for International Relations of the University of Economics in Bratislava


Director of the Migration Office at the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic

Board of Auditors

Board of Auditors is the controlling body of the nonprofit organisation. It oversees its activities. Board of Auditors is appointed and removed by the Board of Directors.

Members of the Board of Auditors

Chairwoman of the Board

Registrar of the Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava


Faculty Secretary of the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

prof. Ing. Miloš TUMPACH, PhD.

Head of Department of Accountancy and Auditing at the Faculty of Economic Informactis of the University of Economics in Bratislava

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the statutory body which manages activities of the Organisation and acts on its behalf. Its members are statutory representatives of the Organisation. Each of them is able to act on behalf of the Organisation individually. Usually, membership of the Executive Committee includes the Executive Director and the Deputy Director/s. Members of the Executive Committee can be appointed or removed by the Board of Directors.

Members of the Executive Committee

Mgr. Michal FEDÁK

Executive Director

PaedDr. Karla ZIMANOVÁ, PhD.

Deputy Director